March 31, 2011

Florists' Review Magazine - Best Bouquets - Lisa Foster Floral Design

If you are one of our avid Facebook fans then you may or may not have noticed that we here at Lisa Foster Floral Design were one of theFlorists' Review's Picture-Perfect Wedding Winners. The categories for the contest were Best Wedding, Best Bouquets, Best Ceremony Site, Best Reception Decorations and Best Cake Decorations. We won the Best Bouquets out of all of the weddings entered across the United States and Canada! Contestants could enter no more than three weddings.  The three we entered was, Kelly Huddleston (our winner!!), Ashley Farrington and Melissa Dandurand. Each of these three brides we felt had beautiful and unique bouquets. Not to mention Ashley Farrington being our Biltmore Bride we thought that stood a fair chance of winning the Best Ceremony Site. After waiting a few months to hear the results of the contest we finally received the call that we had won Best Bouquets! What an honor for a florist to receive! Also, we had what some would call "honorable mention" in the showcase section showing off our two other brides. Lisa did a dance in the street that day! Below are  pages from the Florists' Review Magazine and Kelly's bouquet up close!

As always, enjoy.

Kelly Huddleston

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March 15, 2011

What Goes Around....Comes Back Around!

Like bell-bottom jeans, rompers, poof hair styles and leggings, Lisa Foster Floral Design is bringing back the terrarium! What is a terrarium? Well, it is a great gift, easy to maintain and adds a touch of green to any indoor space. Really what a terrarium is, is a self contained mini-ecosystem that waters itself. We suggest them as "men gifts" for those customers who need to send a man something but doesn't want to send flowers.

Terrariums were very popular in Victorian homes in England (mid 1800's). At that time they were called Wardian Cases after the man who discovered them. Nathaniel Ward was in the process of observing insect chrysalis transform in a glass bottle when a sprig of grass started to grow. He then realized that the glass bottles create the perfect environment for plant life. Terrariums were also popular in the 1970's but not as popular as they were in the Victorian era.

We just love them and so do those customers who've purchased them.  It's such a great idea! Water it once and that is all you have to do! After the one time the plant creates water on it's own. Talk about a plant you can't kill! So if you or someone you know loves plants but has a yellow thumb instead of a green one suggest they get a terrarium!

Kim on behalf of,

March 11, 2011

New Resource for Knoxville Brides

Brides in Knoxville, Tennessee get another tool in the arsenal for planning their weddings. Cityview Magazine has created a section on their website designed for brides. This bridal section has local vendors and pretty much anything else needed to plan a wedding in Knoxville.

Check it out! 

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March 9, 2011

Shamrock Plants

Spring is upon us and St. Patrick's Day is coming up shortly. If you need a little touch of green to keep from getting pinched may we suggested getting a Shamrock Plant! They have delicate flowers and leaves and bright and cheery green and live for a long time. There is a blog out there called The Gardener's Rake while reading their tips about growing shamrocks I've learned some valuable information.

First, Shamrocks are in the bulb family which means when they look like they are on the edge of death it's really not the end, just a fast nap for a few weeks before they regenerate themselves. Unlike Tulips or Daffodils which bloom once per year, Shamrocks after a pruning and a nap in a low light area come back. Just remember to pick off the yellowed leaves and stems, place in a dark area with NO WATER for a few weeks. This allows the plant to rest before coming back.

Second, once per year refresh the soil. Take your Shamrocks out of their pots to inspect the roots and soil condition.  It's best to replace the soil with fresh. Gently loosen the roots but be mindful not to break any of them. This allows for the roots to get air, which will help them grow.  Also check for any mold or other questionable conditions for the soil or roots. Make sure you clean your pot or start with another fresh pot before replacing the soil.

The last little bit of advice is to water your plant from the bottom. Shamrocks like to slurp water from the bottom. Not sure what we mean by watering from the bottom... see the photo below!
Water from the bottom
Lucky Shamrocks!

Kim on behalf of,

March 3, 2011

March's Flower Of The Month - Daffodil

Hello Everyone!  

As I'm sure you've seen along the side of the road and popping up around town the sunny-yellow faced Daffodils are here! Aren't they beautiful? It is surely a sign that Spring is near.  We just love, love, love them here at Lisa Foster Floral Design.  Daffodils, like other bulb flowers are planted in the Fall and bloom in the Spring. These flowers need lots of sun, some shade and good soil drainage. They are very easy to maintain and come back year after year.  Planting bulbs each fall is a great gardening activity for families with children. Check out The Daffodil Planting Guide on the Gardening with Kids website. They have great tips on when exactly to plant the bulbs for your region.

If you are a fan of Daffodils check out the East Tennessee Daffodil Society out of Maryville, Tennessee.
Here is the contact information

East Tennessee Daffodil Society
Events: Bi-monthly meetings, daffodil show
Dues: $10.00
Lynn Ladd
1701 Westcliff Drive
Maryville,  TN  37803-6301
tel:  (865) 984-6688

Enjoy the start of Spring everyone! We plan to.

Kim on behalf of,

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