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Decisions, Decisions....

With the feeling of spring that keeps teasing us with a warm day here and there you can't help but notice the daffodils and other spring flowers that have started to bloom. What we want to know is which of these Spring beauties is your favorite?! Whichever you decide on you can't go wrong, they are all beautiful.

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Bridal Shows Near You!

This week no matter which end of Knoxville you live on there is likely a bridal show or open house near you.  Check it out and we will see you there!

Club LeConte Open House Thursday, February 23 6 - 8pm 800 South Gay Street   Knoxville, TN 37929

Knoxville Expo Center Bridal Show Sunday, February 26 12 - 5pm KnoxvilleExpoCenter 5441 Clinton Hwy Knoxville, TN   37912
Foothills Bridal Bridal Show Sunday, February 26 12 - 5pm Knoxville Airport Hilton 2001 Alcoa Hwy Alcoa, TN 37701

2012 Dogwood Arts Festival House & Garden Show Designs for Dining

With all of the bridal shows, open houses and Valentine's Day that we had going on last week you would think that we couldn't fit one more activity into our busy schedule...right? Wrong! We are gluttons for punishment.  The great thing about the Lisa Foster Floral Design team is that one person will come up with an idea and then that idea proceeds to bounce off the walls and from person to person until we have figured out logistics and have a plan. Don't get us wrong, with planning comes trial and error. In the end it always seems our team pulls together for success. This year our ideas for the Dogwood Arts Festival House & Garden Show Designs for Dining came from a little bit of cabin fever and a general love of the color yellow!
Our 2011 tablescape was inspired from an actual Dogwood Artists print that involved lots of moss, river rocks and some birch. This year, they decided to leave it up to the artists to come up with their own creations. So please, close your ey…

The Challenge for Guys on Valentine's

This post is dedicated to all the guys out there! Many men think that making women happy for Valentine's Day is a challenge but in all reality it's not. Here are a few tips to help you through this holiday dedicated to love.

First and foremost, realize each woman in the world is unique and different. If you love her then you know her better than most... right? Well, here is a thought, do something unique for her! If she loves purple don't get her red roses, get purple. Your sweetheart will notice that you remembered her favorite color and be even more excited about her gift. Or if you can figure out what was in her wedding bouquet maybe get her an arrangement of those flowers (BROWNIE POINTS)!

Second if your girl is health conscience don't go for the heart shaped box of candy. Not only did you throw her diet off, but you have also forgotten she is trying to be good! Women love it when you remember things. Opt instead for maybe a box of chocolate covered strawberries t…