May 13, 2013

Pink is Our Favorite Color!

2013 Wedding Color Trends

Trending Wedding Colors for East Tennessee Brides

There is no doubt that Pinterest has had a huge impact on the wedding business. Overall brides are more prepared on how they want their cake, wedding picture poses and wedding flowers. This trend does not seem to be fading anytime soon. In fact, Pinterest has bled over into Prom
This year the Lisa Foster Floral Design team has seen a few dominate color trends for the year 2013. The first is BLUSH, brides are gah gah over the blush colors. Pinks, peach, corals, ivory and white... and mix in a little soft greens. We've had a multitude of brides want the "soft romantic" look. Pinterest is full of ideas on how to use this color pallet for a wedding. 

Garden Roses have been made popular by Martha Stewart, Pinterest and Other Bridal Magazines. Garden Roses are a great substitute for peonies because of their high petal count and size. 

Teal/Aqua and Pink are a HOT color combination this year! 

Each week we just fall in love with the bridal bouquets! They are the first and foremost theme setter for each wedding!

A Pop of Purple

We see almost every color palette in the wedding world come and go. We also see some that will always stay... like the blushes, pinks and ...