January 24, 2014

Emergency Floral 9-1-1!

Lisa Foster Floral Design … To The Rescue

Fixing An Amateur Disaster

Knoxville Tn florist Lisa Foster Floral Design had the opportunity to help a desperate bride and her trusty maid-of-honor on the day of her wedding. The situation was that the bride had gone to another local florist to book her wedding bouquet and on the day of her wedding the bouquet she was given was nothing like the bouquet she originally ordered. 
There are times in the floral industry when a particular flower isn't available or it comes in, in a different shade than expected but an experienced florist would have known how to make a substitution. This was not the case with this bride. 
Lisa Foster Floral Design, has done other re-do bouquets from other places before but this was worth taking the time to discuss. Here are a few things to remember when choosing a florist for your wedding.   Florists will usually work with a budget if brides mention that they have one. Lisa Foster Design takes pride at being able to work with any bride, with any budget. 
There are times when we have to show realistic ideas of what flowers can work within a particular budget. However, there are still beautiful flowers out there that don't cost a ton of money. Incorporating these flowers into wedding arrangements can often times help with overall cost. 
Another great thing to keep in mind for choosing wedding flowers is picking someone with experience and know-how. Lisa has worked in the floral industry for over 20 years (and on top of that she is a perfectionist). Flower arrangements do not leave the studio unless it looks amazing! This includes everyday orders, Christmas decorating, and all other work we do. The big question Lisa Foster Designers ask ourselves is, "would I like to receive this arrangement?" if the answer is no then we re-do it. 
There are a lot of great florists around Knoxville. We have great relationships with most of them and if there is ever a time when we can't do something we have no problem referring our customers to our other florist friends.  
Here are photos of the before and after of the rescued bouquet.
BEFORE: There was no design to this bouquet

BEFORE: The one pin that was used was sticking out the other side, and poking the brides hands

BEFORE: The sheer ribbon was glued, and the ends were anything but finished.

BEFORE: Many of the flowers were bruised and wilted.

BEFORE: The color scheme the bride was looking for was pinks and oranges.


AFTER: We added orange and hydrangeas

AFTER: By swapping out the greenery for a premium greenery really makes a difference.

AFTER: We were able to use some of the previous flowers throughout the new.

AFTER: The result, a happy, happy maid-of-honor! 

We always say our goal is to have happy brides, because happy brides are what it's all about!

January 22, 2014

Large Flower Arrangements For Knoxville Weddings

Knoxville Tn Florist - Lisa Foster Floral Design

The Impact of Large Floral Arrangements

It doesn't take many large arrangements to get Knoxville Tn wedding guests talking about flowers. Any Pinterest  board dedicated to wedding ideas and inspiration will surely include a photo (or many) of large eye-catching flower arrangements. Typically these large arrangements are on a buffet table, front of a church altar, or scattered throughout the reception venue. Big arrangements can really make a statement at any event but especially at a wedding.

DIY arbor built by the Groom decorated by Lisa Foster Floral Design.

There are multiple altar choices for weddings. We offer many rentals, but there are even more options when brides rent from event rental companies around Knoxville. Some of the items we have for rent are our iron gates, our candelabras, pedestals and urns in ivory and cement. 
This is an excellent example of what Lisa Foster Floral Design can do with an existing arch or rental item from another wedding vendor. This is totally elegant with a touch of wedding glam! Dress up an outdoor venue with florals, pearls, and sparkle. It's just completely stunning.

Another beautiful rental item from Lisa Foster Floral Design with an added arrangement of beautiful blush and ivory flowers. Dressing up our rentals can really add a lot to your wedding. These don't even need flowers we have used greenery and grapevine which is a nice budget friendly solution. 

Simple greenery can add a rustic and woodsy touch to an outdoor or indoor venue. 
Our tall candelabras with added arrangements are stunning and definitely eye-catching. Use them to create a space or to decorate an existing space! They are perfect in so many ways. 

Tall arrangement filled with fruit

Stunning Shades of Purple for the lovely Bluebird Hill Wedding in Lisa Foster Floral Design silver urns. These urns work well with chaffing dishes on a buffet table, on a guest table as an arrangement or in the front of a church on the altar table. 

Dress up our Crystal Trees with orchids or other flowers to create a unique eye-catching arrangement.

All White flowers are classic and elegant

These monster arrangements adorned the Biltmore Estate with orchids, roses. 
The term  "Go big, or go home" would apply to these giants!

Church arrangement are early transportable to a buffet table or other special table at a reception.

Urns don't have to steal the show. By using an urn with clean and simple lines the flowers in this church arrangement really stand out. 

This wedding at a private home used the homeowner's existing urn to hold a beautiful all green and white floral arrangement. We have done arrangements in bird baths, fountains, and other stationary fixtures to create a unique and stand-apart arrangement. 

This is an excellent example of how church florals can be used on a buffet table. 

Frame your space with large arrangements.

A large arrangement doesn't have to be "large" giving flowers height with the use of a taller vase can really trick the eye into thinking an arrangement costs more that it does. 

The simplicity of using all one flower really draws the human eye to notice an arrangement.

Make a statement with your flowers!

Adding sticks and droopy greenery will give the elusion that an already large arrangement is even larger! In a venue that has really high ceiling the extra height of sticks will help fill some dead space. 

January 21, 2014

Southern Mountain Wedding

Cozy Southern Rustic Mountain Wedding

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains this beautiful Southern bride had a fairy tale wedding full of rustic charm. These beautiful moments were captured by one of Knoxville's favorite wedding photographers JOPHOTO. The flowers were designed and created by Knoxville florist Lisa Foster Floral Design. With the pinks popping off of the wooded backdrop wedding guests were surrounded by rustic elegance. A wedding does not have to be big and expensive to be exactly perfect. They say a photo is worth a thousand words but these images are priceless. There is something to be said about an intimate private affair attended by the closest family and friends. 

This small intimate family wedding was perfect for this Southern Bride and Groom.

Beautiful and Simple cake topper with a rustic log cake stand.

Dusty Miller, Queen Anne's Lace and David Austin Garden Roses 
give an elegant touch to this rustic Southern wedding. 

Thank you again to JOPHOTO for providing the images!

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