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Heather + Kevin - Wedding Video Trailer - Life Productions

The Lisa Foster Floral Design Crew is itching to see all of the photos from one of our June 2nd weddings. Heather, was a bride who knew exactly what she wanted for her outdoor June wedding. Every detail was thought out and nothing was overlooked. From the vignettes on the tables, the whiskey barrel bar and the lemonade truck, this wedding was a Pinterest Junky's dream!
We can't wait to see the pictures from Julie Roberts Photography!!!
The purpose of this post is actually to share Heather and Kevin's wedding video trailer! Life Productions did an amazing job of putting together this video so we can only imagine what the entire wedding video will be like. Wonderful work to pull everything together! We love working with you all and look forward to the next wedding together.

Heather + Kevin - A Wedding Trailer - June 2, 2012 from Life Productions on Vimeo.

NEW Ceremony Ideas

We love traditions because, well they are traditions but every now and then it's nice to mix things up! Thats why we flower shop girls love to do the unique and different flower designs. Recently, we have met brides who want to mix up the ceremonial-symbolisms that are used during their weddings. Here are a few of those ideas! Instead of unity candles, sand mixing or communion here are some ideas that can be just as meaningful.

First, instead of having all girls stand on one side and all guys on the other have your bridal party stand boy, girl, boy girl.  This helps spread your color across the front (which helps with flower costs). Also, during your wedding ceremony the officiant/minister can say "if the wedding party would please join hands (or not) and form a circle we will pray for the couple". Often times at this time the parents of the bride and groom will also join in and this becomes the Circle of Friends. This is an excellent time for scripture readings and a cha…

Expressive Moments!

We love our Expressive Moments Photography friends, Amy Daniels and Kristy Hamilton are just incredibly talented! Their journalistic-photography style is so crisp, clear and captures each moment. Its like being in a vivid dream. Here are some shots from a recent wedding and reception. Enjoy!