Rental Items

We are asked a lot about our Rental items for weddings and events, so we've decided to make it as easy for you as possible and detail everything right here on our blog! Below is a list of our Rentals and the pricing.


Short Candelabra - holds 4 Candles
$60.00 (includes candles)

 Tall Candelabra - holds 4 Candles
$75.00 (includes candles)

Candelabra Details

Single Pillar Globe Candelabra
Dual Glass Globes (holds flowers or candles)

Wrought Iron Gate (can add flowers) 



Votive Tree (with branches and hanging candles)
Tall - $45.00
Short - $35.00

Crystal Tree
(very popular!)
As seen in the photo, we can also put up lights under the tree in a variety of colors to highlight the crystals and make them sparkle even more.

Pedestals & Urns:




If you have any further questions after viewing our list, we of course welcome you to call - 865.951.0660 - or email us -

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