August 22, 2012

Glory Haus - GREAT Gift Ideas

To say we are in love might be a little understated when referring to one of our new product lines. Glory Haus is some of the cutest stuff we have ever seen! Some of it has even brought tears to Lisa's eyes, and may bring tears to yours as well. With a wide variety of prices and options to pick from Glory Haus would make an excellent bridal shower gift! These would also be great for anniversaries or Christmas gifts. Check out a few of the items below but for our full selection (and all of the other new items!) you will have to come over and visit the shop.  We hope to see you soon!

August 21, 2012

Tyler Candles HERE At Lisa Foster Floral Design

Among our many new items for sale at Lisa Foster Floral Design, one of the most talked about has been our line of Tyler Candles. At first we were a little apprehensive about trying a company/brand that  we weren't familiar with. However it turns out leaps of faith tend to work out for the best sometimes.  With flavor names like "Diva" and "High Maintenance" these candles are fun as well as yummy to smell. They make great gifts and are very affordable.
Prices are $7.00 (3.4oz), $14.00 (7oz) and $21.00 (22oz)
Feedback from our customers has been great! There is a large fan-base of Tyler Candles here in Knoxville. So help us spread the word that Lisa Foster Floral Design has everything Tyler Candle Co. one could ever need. We have room spray, car freshiner and CANDLES!

Seasonal Scents

August 6, 2012

Summer of Splendor

As the days start to grow shorter and we florists start catching our breath from the busy wedding season. It's nice to recap on what summer trends have gone by this year.  We've had some wonderful opportunities to be a part of each of our brides wedding days. It has been very interesting to see the amount of DIY projects and Pinterest influence throughout the wedding world. Gone are the days of the standard wedding decorations and ideas. Each bride takes their time making memorable and unique decorations, favors and props to make their special day unique.  Mason jars have been very popular in the past, but this year they have really exploded! Almost every weekend we have at least one sometimes two brides who have mason jars for decorations. Some of the mason jars have even had ribbons, lace and jute decorating the outside! We love it! The "vintage" feel has also been very popular this year. Brides love lace and texture. We've done brooch bouquets and boutonnieres. Really the sky is the limit when it comes to planning a wedding. We are so thankful to our photographer friends for sharing their photos of our brides with us. Please enjoy a sampling of all of our work!

Lost Sheep Ministry

  When we went to the Lost Sheep Ministry’s Under the Bridge on Valentine’s Day we had no idea the effect it would have on every...