February 27, 2013

New Cards!

A good sign is when a business runs low on business cards! We didn't realize just how low we were until we had to do bridal shows and open houses recently! Thank goodness VistaPrint has a fast turn around time and we were able to load up on new cards quickly. Just a little FYI our store hours have changed and this new change is reflected on the back of our new cards! If you are a vendor friend and need more of our cards please let us know and we will send you a stack!

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm 
Saturdays 9:00am - 4:00pm 
Closed on Sundays.

February 26, 2013

The Best Part Of This Job...

What is the best part of being a florist... Oh, some say because we get to play in flowers or work with brides but it's hard to pin-point an exact favorite portion of this job. We do get to play with flowers but the best part is being a part of life's stories. 
An example of a recent story was on Valentine's Day a friend of Lisa Foster Floral Design sent his wife flowers. Lisa told the designer that this man was very ill and this was possibly the last flowers he would ever send his wife, so make sure to make the arrangement extra special. Taking that into consideration the floral designer made the arrangement extra beautiful. A week later we were saddened to hear that this man had lost his battle with cancer. His lovely wife told us sweet stories of their life together and the last moments they shared together. She also shared as she watched him leave this Earth and join Jesus as a healed whole man. We were able to do the florals for his funeral. Making a sad moment beautiful is part of our life as florists. 
Often times we do florals for weddings and a few years later we send flowers to the hospital in celebration of new life.  The sweet newness of life that surrounds a happy couple and their new baby. 
Another wedding we are helping to pull together is a couple that is precious. They met, fell in love and throughout the life of their relationship we've gotten to send flowers to the bride to-be. The groom is kind and is obviously head-over-heels in love with her (and yes we were there for the first "I love you"). Now we get to do the flowers for their wedding and all of the designers are going to fight over who gets to make the bouquet.  
Being a part of the human experience is the best part of this job. We get to celebrate birthdays, graduations, prom, weddings, funerals, births, dinner parties and bar mitzvahs. Every part of life that involves celebration we get to be a small part of. It helps put things in perspective sometimes to remember the small part we play. What a beautiful responsibility we have...

February 15, 2013

More Than Just Flowers

Lisa Foster FLORAL Design... sort of makes one think we are just limited to designing flowers... Au contrail, mon ami! We do just about anything our customers want! The most recent request came in the form of a baby shower diaper caterpillar.  Our customer was prepared with everything we needed! Check it out! We think it turned out so cute!!

February 11, 2013

Shop Local This Valentine's Day

Want a little splash of truth... well here is the scoop. When you order flowers through 1-800 Flowers, Just Flowers... etc. You aren't just paying for flowers you pay a lot for service fees. Also, who you speak to most often is not who handles your order. When you shop with local floral shops usually the person taking your order is also the person who puts together your arrangement. From start to finish you know who handles your special requests. Have more control over what your sentiments look like by speaking with a designer! You the customer saves money by shopping local and your dollars go back into our community. Local shopping helps everyone thrive.
We deal with a locally owned and operated wholesale floral warehouses. These companies employe many in the Knoxville area and provide florists with fresh flowers. Call Lisa Foster Floral Design and we will help you through your Valentine's Day ordering process! Speak to our designers and figure out the perfect floral gift to send to your sweetie!

February 7, 2013

Free Roses for Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine’s Day usually creates a sense of urgency and desperation for men all across the country. Lucky for Knoxville guys Lisa Foster Floral Design makes the process of flower giving easy and stress free. This year will mark the Forth Annual Drive-Thru Valentine’s Tent set up conveniently on Kingston Pike in the Bearden Shopping Center. 
This year Lisa Foster has decided that every 25th car to pull up in the drive-thru tent on Valentine’s Day will receive one dozen roses for FREE. There are no strings attached, and no hoops to jump through. Foster says, “We have the hook-up for Valentine’s Day!” In addition to the chance of winning, every dozen roses will come with coupons for free goodies at Bonefish and Zo√ęs Kitchen. Never having to leave the car, makes grabbing flowers on the way home a breeze. Complete Simplicity. 

For those who like to plan ahead customers are encouraged to call in orders for delivery ahead of time.To place an order or to get more information regarding the Drive-Thru Flower Tent contact the Lisa Foster Floral Design Shop by phone 865-951-0660 or by email at lisa@lisafosterdesign.com. Keep updated on all special events and promotions at  www.lisafosterdesign.com, Facebook and Twitter.    

February 6, 2013

Coolest Electric Candles Ever!

Confession Time... When Lisa brought these new electric candles to the shop all of the LFFD staff laughed and joked about how they looked (example below) go ahead and laugh we all did!

Much to everyones surprise once these candles are turned on all doubt about their realistic look goes away! They are almost magical! The flame really flickers and moves like a real live burning candle. We recorded a video to try to capture the awesomeness! Check it out!

Now for those getting married who have restrictions on candles in their church or venue these are available for you! They are included in the rental of all of our iron candelabras and lanterns. 

For more information or to rent any of our items just give us a call to set up a free consultation 865-951-0660!

Lost Sheep Ministry

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