February 28, 2014

2014 Wedding Trends … A Florist Perspective

Knoxville Florist Opinion on What's Hot for 2014

West Knoxville Florist Lisa Foster Floral Design has been a hustle and a bustle of wedding consultations lately. Usually about this time every year we see what is trending in the wedding world for the year. Last year 2013 it was coral, blush and some more coral. Though the popularity of coral is still strong more girls seem to be leaning toward softer blushes, pinks, ivory and MINT! 
Mint is such a lovely color, it's soothing and fresh. The color mint looks great with pinks, blues and ivory. 
The most popular bridesmaid dress color for 2014 has to be Navy Blue. Navy blue has been a trending color for a few years now. Never have we seen as many Knoxville brides choose the color navy blue for their bridesmaids dresses as we have this year. Navy… it's the new black! 
Navy blue bridesmaids dresses are a GREAT backdrop for all sorts of colors. Pinks, lavenders, whites and ivory, green, red… really any color looks great paired up with navy blue. 

Now that we've covered the dress color lets talk about the flowers again (I mean, we are florists after all). It seems  most girls this year are still loving the soft romantic feel. Nothing says romance like soft pink and ivory. It's just gorgeous and gives a timeless feeling that will last for years and years to come. Here are some recent blush, ivory, pink bouquets and arrangements that are just swoonerific! 


Big Thanks to our Photographer friends who have shared these awesome photos with us!
Katherine Birkbeck Photography - JOPHOTO - Watson Studios - Lindsay Gross Photography 
Jennie Anderews - Your Reflections - Vision Photography - Shelia Hannus Photography 

February 25, 2014

Knoxville Linen Rental Company White Table… Moving!

White Table Linen Rentals to Move Into Lisa Foster Floral Design

Knoxville, Tn - The cat is out of the bag, White Table of Knoxville will be moving into Lisa Foster Floral Design front showroom. Over the past few months Lisa Foster has tried to figure out her next business move… do we stay, do we go? Our lease was up for renewal and we played with the idea of moving into a different building or even purchasing a building.
The final decision has been made and we are staying here… 6622 Kingston Pike is our home! In an effort to refocus on the floral side of things we are going to carry less gift items. Not that we don't like having gift items, but our business is flowers and flowers are what we love. Lisa Foster Floral Design will still carry Tyler Candles and other gift items, just not at the capacity that had been available before.
Our good friends at the White Table have also been in the process of deciding their next move because their lease was up as well. The solution was so clear it practically solved itself. Moving into Lisa Foster Floral Design helps Lisa Foster carry less gifts and White Table not have as much showroom to fill!
What a win-win situation! It's going to be an adventure for everyone involved and both Lisa Foster Floral Design and White Table are looking forward to the move! It just goes to show you when great things come together, it's beautiful!

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