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Corsage Bar - Prom Flowers in Knoxville

As florists in Knoxville, the spring is one of Lisa Foster Floral Design's favorite times of the year!  First comes a spell of warm weather.  Then comes the yellow… Forsythia and daffodils.  Then come the allergies (but that's okay…  We get our allergy shots and take our Claritin).  Next comes PROM!  And boy are we excited about prom this year!  We have our "corsage bar" all set up and ready to go.  Our "corsage bar", or our "prom bar" consists of everything you could possibly need for your prom flowers.  Come on into our shop, and we will walk you through the corsage process, starting with the bracelet… 

We have your old-school elastic bands, and we have a variety of stunning keepsake bracelets.

If you're not into the wrist corsage and you want something smaller, or just want something different, we have the perfect ring corsage for you!

Gold is in this year, and we have plenty of gold for your choosing!

Next,  we will have you pick out rib…