September 30, 2009

Meet the Team - Lisa Foster

Now that we've got our blog up and going, we thought it was time to introduce our Team...the people that make Lisa Foster Floral Design tick, and the awesome group who helped make Lisa Foster Design win Fox43's Hot List award for 2009 Best Wedding Flowers! (Thanks for the votes everyone!)

We'll start at the top today with...LISA FOSTER, owner, operator, and CEO of Lisa Foster Floral Design. Lisa has been in the floral industry over 20 years, and she brings years of expertise and high-quality customer service with her. She has worked in Knoxville at other floral shops as a manager through the years and in 2004, her dream was finally realized when she opened her own floral design studio, specializing in weddings.

After making the dreams come true for over 128 brides in 2008 alone, she decided that her home studio wasn't cutting it anymore - she'd outdone herself, and outgrown her space. In 2009, the grand opening of Lisa Foster Floral Design at 6622 Kingston Pike in Knoxville became another reality in Lisa's growing business! We hit the ground running that day, and haven't stopped since. Lisa is set to surpass those 128 weddings this year, and we hope that we'll set a new record for customer delivery too. Although we specialize in weddings, don't forget that our designers are experts in many occasions. Always keep Lisa Foster Floral Design in mind for any special event!

Those of you who have met Lisa can attest to her sincerity and willingness to work with any customer, any occasion, and any budget. She is a unique floral designer (no TeleFlora or FTD for us!), and she designs her arrangements based on the exact needs of the customer. If you haven't met the owner of our great studio, stop by for a visit, or call in for an order - Lisa or any one of our designers will be glad to help you in any way. We promise you'll be satisfied.

All of us here on the Team are grateful Lisa opened this wonderful studio, and we can bet that after contacting Lisa to work for you, you will be too!

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September 25, 2009

Vendors We Love

Here's a list of vendors we're confident you'll love. They help compliment all the hard work we've done and make our floral designs one of the many back-drops of a beautiful day.


Rosa's Catering (in our shop!)

All Occasion Catering

Knoxville Catering & Special Events

Rex Bradford Jones (Abner's Attic)

Simply Southern Catering

Event Planning:

One Enchanted Evening (in our shop!)

A Perfect Day

Envisions by Sarah

Ever After Events

Panache Productions

Plan It With Love


Hope Photography

Jennie Andrews Photography

John Black Photography

Julie Roberts Photography

Meggie Velasco Photography

Photography by Sabrina

Seaton Shoots

Steven Bridges


Ryan's Production

Our Work

Here is a sample of some of our favorite work, and what we specialize in - WEDDINGS! Enjoy! And don't forget, we can customize anything to your needs...arrangements for birthday's, holiday's, anniversary's - just let us know and we'll make a beautiful design to fit your occasion.

*You can make the video full screen by clicking the four arrows in the far right, lower corner.

September 16, 2009

Capturing the Day

Soon, we'll start highlighting many of the weddings we've done, showcasing Lisa and the Team's hard work that makes every bride's dream a reality. But along with flowers comes many other things in making a wedding day memorable, one of those being a superbly shot, emotion-capturing video.

Ryan Sutton, of Ryan's Production, has proven a great way to preserve the day and all the unforgettable moments in it with his videography. Really...I mean a great way. A group of ladies in the studio today were either tearing up or wiping away chill bumps after his video preview of the recent wedding of Brad and Amber that Ryan, One Enchanted Evening (Wedding & Event Planning with an an office in another branch of our studio on Kingston Pike), the storybook site of Dara's Garden, and Lisa Foster all participated in.

Amber Churnetski came to Lisa Foster Floral Design for her September 5th wedding; her day was filled with pink and white roses and hydrangea's, kissing balls, and gallons of petals highlighting the aisle, all topped off with unique, breath-taking crystal trees and spotlights at the reception.

We think Ryan did a great job of capturing our work at the wedding. Take a look!

Everything you see in the video, including the stunning lighted crystal trees and round kissing balls lining the aisle, are available through Lisa Foster Floral Design. We can custom make what you want - color, style and price.

We thank Ryan for letting us use the video here on the blog. If you'd like to see more of his work, go to his website for much more.

Also, Amber was a happy, sweet bride to work with. Thanks Amber...we think your day turned out beautiful!

So if you're thinking of making your wedding day, or any special occasion memorable for a lifetime, consider Lisa Foster Floral Design and Ryan Productions as the go-to professionals to make that happen!

Stay tuned for more updates on weddings and brides as we keep our blog rolling!

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September 14, 2009

Flower of the Month: Spotlight on LISIANTHUS

Okay flower lovers, here's your chance to learn more about one of the most versatile and long lasting flowers out there. The Lisianthus, pronounced lis-ee-AN-thus, is most commonly known as "Prairie Gentian" and "Texas Bluebell". It's a favorite of florists and consumers based on its versatility and length of life.

The blooms of a Lisianthus have showy, cup-shaped, tulip-like flowers. Sometimes, due to their double-flowered varieties, they are mistaken for garden roses. The stems are anywhere from 12 to 24 inches long with gray-green leaves. There are flower buds at several intervals up the stem.

Colors of a Lisianthus range from pastel pink, to yellow, lavender, salmon or coral, all the way to deep purples, white, green, and even red hues.

Lisianthuses are available year-round, but most prevalent from June to December. So you still have time if you'd like one, or many, in an arrangement from Lisa Foster Design!

Okay, so you have your facts, and you've decided to get the flower for you, or be absolutely thoughtful and give a special someone a boutique or an arrangement with a Lisianthus as a highlight...How long can you expect it to last?? Anywhere from 7 to 14 days. Blooms last about a week and larger buds on the stems should open within that time. Make sure you cut the stems and replace flowers in a clean container for the best results.

So there is it! Our first Flower of the Month; a new feature we're incorporating here on the blog. We want you to get the most bang for your buck and the most enjoyment out of whichever flower you choose for yourself or the special person receiving the colorful gift.

Here's a quick recap of our FOTM:

Beauty: Showy, cup-shaped flowers, resemble garden roses
Colors: Variety - pinks, purples, reds, yellow, green, bicolors
Care: Cut stems, clean container, cool area
Bloom Time: year-round, best in June - December; 7 - 14 days

We'd like to thank Florists Review for much of this information on Lisianthus. Visit their site if you'd like to find out even more about this particular flower. Photo courtesy

We hope this was helpful, and next time you get a beautiful Lisianthus, you'll know just what to do with it! Stay tuned to the blog for a new flower every month. Happy Pruning and Growing! And don't forget to order your own Lisianthus from Lisa Foster Floral Design!

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September 10, 2009

We're Blogging!!

Hey Knoxville!

We're so excited to be up and blogging over here at Lisa Foster Floral Design!  We've recently moved locations, and are now at 6622 Kingston Pike, in the shopping center with Bonefish Grill and beside Wedding Wonderland.  Our studio is reminiscent of Lisa's European flair with designs...and it smells great to boot (or so says almost everyone that stops by!), so come in for a visit. Stroll around, place an order for your best friend, mother, or spouse.  Make an appointment with Lisa and begin planning for your dream wedding...and the beautiful colors and scents that flowers will add to the memorable day.  Honor a loved one's memory with a beautiful casket spray or urn for the funeral. We're a full-service florist here, so bring us any order and we'll work with any budget.

But if life is just too busy these days to drop in, call us at 865.951.0660, and place an order.

We'll be doing lots of interesting things with the blog, so check back for news and highlights of our work, how to keep flowers at their best for the longest amount of time, and updates and special offers!

There is still more to come from us; we're not finished yet with the blog...But until we get things up and running, check out our slideshow on the sidebar of many of the weddings Lisa and The Design Team have made phenomenal.

And if you're really interested in news and updates, become a follower so you won't miss a thing! :)

Thanks for supporting us. We love making our clients and customers happy...and as Lisa has said before, "I love my job! I get to stop and smell the roses everyday!"

As Summer quickly fades to Fall, we invite you to do the same. See you soon!

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