September 16, 2009

Capturing the Day

Soon, we'll start highlighting many of the weddings we've done, showcasing Lisa and the Team's hard work that makes every bride's dream a reality. But along with flowers comes many other things in making a wedding day memorable, one of those being a superbly shot, emotion-capturing video.

Ryan Sutton, of Ryan's Production, has proven a great way to preserve the day and all the unforgettable moments in it with his videography. Really...I mean a great way. A group of ladies in the studio today were either tearing up or wiping away chill bumps after his video preview of the recent wedding of Brad and Amber that Ryan, One Enchanted Evening (Wedding & Event Planning with an an office in another branch of our studio on Kingston Pike), the storybook site of Dara's Garden, and Lisa Foster all participated in.

Amber Churnetski came to Lisa Foster Floral Design for her September 5th wedding; her day was filled with pink and white roses and hydrangea's, kissing balls, and gallons of petals highlighting the aisle, all topped off with unique, breath-taking crystal trees and spotlights at the reception.

We think Ryan did a great job of capturing our work at the wedding. Take a look!

Everything you see in the video, including the stunning lighted crystal trees and round kissing balls lining the aisle, are available through Lisa Foster Floral Design. We can custom make what you want - color, style and price.

We thank Ryan for letting us use the video here on the blog. If you'd like to see more of his work, go to his website for much more.

Also, Amber was a happy, sweet bride to work with. Thanks Amber...we think your day turned out beautiful!

So if you're thinking of making your wedding day, or any special occasion memorable for a lifetime, consider Lisa Foster Floral Design and Ryan Productions as the go-to professionals to make that happen!

Stay tuned for more updates on weddings and brides as we keep our blog rolling!

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