October 7, 2009

Meet the Team - Part 2

After the fun break with the Sandals post, we're back to meeting our wonderful team. Next on our lineup is Jennifer Capps. She's a fabulous, very efficient designer who's been in the business for 18 years. She and Lisa have shared a friendship since Jennifer was a child and she's been working with Lisa for 10 years, and at Lisa Foster Floral Design since its inception in 2004.

Her favorite flowers are french tulips, yet her favorite wedding was the Braden wedding, back in July of 2005, because of the beautiful containers the arrangements set in at the reception. Some of the photos below may give you a good idea of the beauty of the Braden wedding. In a few, you can even catch a glimpse of the unique glass containers Jennifer loves.

Other than being a big asset to Lisa Foster Floral Design, Jennifer spends much of her time with her husband of 10 years (whom she met in the floral industry!) and keeping up with her adorable 5-year-old son, Connor.

Jennifer is a bright light here in the studio and her designs, like Lisa's, are unique and distinctive. We invite you to come in any time and watch our designers work in our studio - you can see them just as you walk in our door. Lisa has the best designers here at the studio and Jennifer's creations are proof of that.

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