December 21, 2009

Meet the Team - Part 4

With the holidays upon us - Christmas is four days away!! - now seems like a good time to revisit meeting our team here at Lisa Foster Floral Design. Next up is one of the team members that gives our studio it's beat and pulse, he brings us to life on days that are busy, hectic, chaotic, calm, overwhelming, frustrating, and he just plain makes us laugh every day. He's our beloved delivery driver Ray Covington.

Ray, better known as K. Ray in the corporate world he retired from, or Daddy to us here at the studio (he's Lisa's actual father!), is our link from the shop to your front door, bringing you the beauty our designer's create.

Ray worked for years in the transportation and trucking industry, and now he's found a new passion helping his only daughter bring her business to life by transporting she and her team's floral creations.

Ray's attitude and can-do spirit sure revives all of us here at Lisa Foster Floral Design. He works very hard to get your order to you on time, traveling all over Knoxville and the greater Knoxville area finding just where he needs to be at just the right time. With Ray as our driver, you can be sure that if you're ordering or receiving anything from Lisa Foster Floral Design, it will be delivered on time and with care, enthusiasm and a contagious smile and cheerful spirit.

Thanks Ray for being so dependable and helping us grow and expand our everyday orders! We love you and are so glad you're here. As a customer, you'll be glad too - to see our Ray's smiling face and the beautiful design he'll be handing you.

Call us today and experience the timely and exquisite designs from Lisa Foster Floral Design. You won't be disappointed!

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