March 2, 2010

Meet the Team - Part 5

The new year is getting well under way, and our blog has been up for about 7 months now (yay!), so it is finally time to finish meeting the team at Lisa Foster Floral Design. Today, you'll be meeting... me. I'm the blogger here at Lisa's and the writer behind all the "Lisa & the Team" posts. I will say it has been much easier to write about all of our great events and the other members of my team than about myself, but here goes.

I am Lauren Duggin, the Marketing Director at Lisa Foster Floral Design. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor's in Communication, and after a fun and tiring run as a news anchor, I transitioned to more of a Public Relations/Marketing arena. I love writing and coming up with creative, elegant, and fun ways to say something. I hope that is the way our blog at Lisa's comes across. We are a professional bunch here who has a lot of fun doing we do - serving you and providing the freshest, most customized floral designs in Knoxville.

As far as my role here goes, I am all things graphic, marketing, writing, and advertising. I even get my hands dirty from time to time with our super talented designers, helping do the simple and necessary tasks needed to make your wedding bouquets and daily deliveries be the best they can be.

To put it simply, Lisa came along at just the right time in my life and I hope I came along at just the right time in hers. I am grateful for this pretty amazing floral design studio she has created from the ground up.

If you're interested in setting up an appointment with Lisa for a wedding consultation or speaking with her or a designer regarding an order, I'm usually the person you'll talk to; so on that note, I hope to speak with you soon!

Thanks for reading our blog and making us one of the fastest growing floral design studio's in Knoxville. We appreciate you!

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