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Bow 101

Hello Everyone,

Well, we have posted recently regarding Christmas bows so I thought what a great opportunity to talk about them! I'm sure you have spent time and money getting the ribbon you want. Then there is the tying them together, fluffing them and making sure they look perfect on your tree or wreath. Unless you call us and we tie, fluff and make things perfect for you! 865.951.0660.
The big question is... How exactly do you go about keeping them just as nice for the following year?

We have the answer! 

First tip for bows is to invest in new ribbons every year or buy a higher quality wire ribbon to begin with.  If you plan to reuse them it is worth the investment.

Second, I'm sure after Christmas morning your living room is covered with tissue and paper... well here is your chance to reuse some of that paper and feel a little more "green". Before packing your bows away take some of your used tissue and stuff in between each ribbon loop.

Finally, if your house allows…

November Flower of the Month - Narcissus Paperwhite

This month we at Lisa Foster Floral Design have chosen to highlight a winter blooming flower called Narcissus Paperwhite. Often grown indoors this small but mighty fragrant flower brings a little brightness during the winter months.  Most commonly found in white it can also be found in yellow.  At Paperwhite's mature height it stands between 30-45 cm and blooms in bunches.  Paperwhites are in the same genus as Daffodils... so think of the Paperwhite as the Daffodils twice removed cousin. After planting the bulbs, flowers should appear between 3 - 4 weeks. FUN FACT: Narcissus were named after the legendary Greek youth Narcissus who was very handsome! No surprise since these are such lovely little flowers.

image from
Kingdom: Plantae Order: Asparagales Family: Amaryllidaceae Genus: Narcissus Species: N. Papyraceus
Binomial Name - Narcissus Papyraceus

How to Grow Paperwhites Indoors (From The Gardeners Network):

Fill a shallow bowl, pot, or container part way with stones,…

Tis The Season!

Today the weather may be misty and gray but here at Lisa Foster Floral Design we are getting in the warm and cozy Christmas Spirit! The LFFD Team is out-and-about town decorating houses for Christmas. If you are interested in having Lisa and the Team come decorate your house please call us to make an appointment 865.951.0660. Don't think we forgot about Thanksgiving! If you need a hostess gift to take to Thanksgiving dinner or if you would like to jazz up your table for your family and friends stop in and see us. We will custom design an arrangement for you that is sure to impress your guests!
If you are in need of a few Christmas ornaments, bows or candles to brighten your home for the holidays  come by we have items ready for you!  COMING SOON: fresh greenery, wreaths and garland for your home. What a wonderful time of the year when everything is cheerful and bright! We will keep you posted on what is new and happening in the shop for the Christmas Season and New Year Season!


Love, Love, Love

Love is in the air...

Being a full service florist, specializing in weddings, love is always in the air around our shop.  But today we have a lot of love to talk about.  We love Julie Roberts, which you have heard us talk about several times.  If you don't know Julie, visit her website at and check her out.  Her work is absolutely breathtaking and we just can't get enough of Julie Roberts and her fabulous photography.  We also love the sweet couple she recently photographed on September 19th, 2010, Andy and Kelly (Kohlbusch) Huddleston.  They are such sweet people, with the sweetest wedding party (many were our previous brides: Staci Beshears Kohlbusch, Jenna Wasielewski Waters, Charlotte Cruze Foster and Janie Dance Wells.)  Did we mention the flowers? The flowers for this wedding were the epitome of the fall season and we loved every second of the designing and work that went into creating these arrangements for their wedding.  Today, we just wanted…