November 17, 2010

Bow 101

Hello Everyone,

Well, we have posted recently regarding Christmas bows so I thought what a great opportunity to talk about them! I'm sure you have spent time and money getting the ribbon you want. Then there is the tying them together, fluffing them and making sure they look perfect on your tree or wreath. Unless you call us and we tie, fluff and make things perfect for you! 865.951.0660.
The big question is... How exactly do you go about keeping them just as nice for the following year?

We have the answer! 

First tip for bows is to invest in new ribbons every year or buy a higher quality wire ribbon to begin with.  If you plan to reuse them it is worth the investment.

Second, I'm sure after Christmas morning your living room is covered with tissue and paper... well here is your chance to reuse some of that paper and feel a little more "green". Before packing your bows away take some of your used tissue and stuff in between each ribbon loop.

Finally, if your house allows, find a spot in a crawl space or attic to hang your bows. This will ensure the best preservation for your Christmas bows and save you from having to fluff or remake them for the following year.    

That is it! Sounds pretty simple, right?

Kim on behalf of,

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