December 7, 2010

December Flower of the Month : Amaryllis

Greetings Everyone!

Lisa and the Team are out and about today working hard on the last day of decorating houses. Back here in the shop we've got a lot going on preparing for two weddings this weekend. Especially, blogging about our flower of the month! This December we are highlighting the Amaryllis.

Quick Facts (from Amaryllis Bulb Company)

     * planting period: October - Late April
     * Flowering period: Late December - Late June
     * Flowering time is 7 - 10 weeks
     * Larger bulbs produce more flowers
     * Always store un-planted bulbs in a cool place between 40 - 50 deg. F. 

Many people enjoy growing amaryllis at home because they are easy to grow and beautiful to look at.  The word Amaryllis comes from the Greek word for "sparkling" which makes sense since they help brighten up any room during the cold winter months. They can be found in red, pink, yellow and a few combination of these colors. We love them here at LFFD! They are so unique looking and lovely with their many different colors.

Willow Rope Basket

information gathered from Gardeners Network & Amaryllis Bulb Company

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