January 5, 2011

January Flower of the Month: The Tulip

This month we are highlighting the Tulip!

Everyone knows what a tulip looks like but did you know that there are over 3,000 different types of tulips? Tulips are the most popular of all the bulbed plants.  Tulips where first discovered in the late sixteenth century (1500's) in the Netherlands. Now tulips are grown all over the world. Most tulips are cultivated in Holland both dried bulbs and fresh cut flowers. Historically, Europe considered tulips as the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. Tulips symbolize imagination, dreaminess, perfect lover and a declaration of love.  Also, if you run out of onions substitute a tulip bulb!


A little more info on tulips.

Kingdom - Plantae
Division - Magnoliophyta
Class - Lilliopsida
Order - Liliales
Family - Liliaceae
Genus - Tulipa  

Information gathered from The Flower Expert and All About Tulips  photos found on Flickr

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