January 28, 2011

Preparing for Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone!

In preparation for Valentine's Day we at Lisa Foster Floral Design thought we should share a brief overview of who St. Valentine or "Valentinus" was or who he was according to legend.  While doing a little homework on the subject, we discovered that the Catholic Church recognizes no less than three different saints named Valentine. All "St. Valentine's" were martyred for one reason or another.

The probable St. Valentine that we honor with heart-shaped chocolate boxes and the iconic red rose lived in the third century Rome (or so legend says).  Emperor Claudius II made his mind up that single men made better soldiers. He thought they had less distractions without children and wives to think about. So with this thought he outlawed marriage for young-men. Despite the laws Valentine found this law ridiculous and kept marrying the young men and women of Rome.  Supposedly, when Emperor Claudius II found out about this he ordered Valentine killed.  Knowing how Rome was he probably was a snack for the lions at the Colosseum...just a guess.

There are many more legends that suggest that Valentine sent the first "Valentine" from prison to a young girl he fell in love with and signed it "From, Your Valentine".  Which unless you live under a rock you know is a phrase still in existence today.

Wherever the legend originated from or whomever St. Valentine was truly we are happy that he lived at some point and we are able to celebrate love a little extra on February 14th.  We will be celebrating with the Second Annual Drive-Thru Valentine's Tent!

*Information for The History of Valentine's Day was found on www.History.com

More information to come as Valentine's Day approaches!

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