March 3, 2011

March's Flower Of The Month - Daffodil

Hello Everyone!  

As I'm sure you've seen along the side of the road and popping up around town the sunny-yellow faced Daffodils are here! Aren't they beautiful? It is surely a sign that Spring is near.  We just love, love, love them here at Lisa Foster Floral Design.  Daffodils, like other bulb flowers are planted in the Fall and bloom in the Spring. These flowers need lots of sun, some shade and good soil drainage. They are very easy to maintain and come back year after year.  Planting bulbs each fall is a great gardening activity for families with children. Check out The Daffodil Planting Guide on the Gardening with Kids website. They have great tips on when exactly to plant the bulbs for your region.

If you are a fan of Daffodils check out the East Tennessee Daffodil Society out of Maryville, Tennessee.
Here is the contact information

East Tennessee Daffodil Society
Events: Bi-monthly meetings, daffodil show
Dues: $10.00
Lynn Ladd
1701 Westcliff Drive
Maryville,  TN  37803-6301
tel:  (865) 984-6688

Enjoy the start of Spring everyone! We plan to.

Kim on behalf of,

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