March 15, 2011

What Goes Around....Comes Back Around!

Like bell-bottom jeans, rompers, poof hair styles and leggings, Lisa Foster Floral Design is bringing back the terrarium! What is a terrarium? Well, it is a great gift, easy to maintain and adds a touch of green to any indoor space. Really what a terrarium is, is a self contained mini-ecosystem that waters itself. We suggest them as "men gifts" for those customers who need to send a man something but doesn't want to send flowers.

Terrariums were very popular in Victorian homes in England (mid 1800's). At that time they were called Wardian Cases after the man who discovered them. Nathaniel Ward was in the process of observing insect chrysalis transform in a glass bottle when a sprig of grass started to grow. He then realized that the glass bottles create the perfect environment for plant life. Terrariums were also popular in the 1970's but not as popular as they were in the Victorian era.

We just love them and so do those customers who've purchased them.  It's such a great idea! Water it once and that is all you have to do! After the one time the plant creates water on it's own. Talk about a plant you can't kill! So if you or someone you know loves plants but has a yellow thumb instead of a green one suggest they get a terrarium!

Kim on behalf of,

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