June 28, 2011

How We Made It!

Recently residents of Knoxville have experienced the largest power outage ever in this area. Some residents are still without power almost a full week later. It's one thing to lose power at home but how do businesses deal with the loss of power? Lisa Foster and the Team decided at lunchtime on Wednesday, June 22 to pack up the wedding flowers and head to Lisa's house in order preserve the flowers in a cool environment. Lucky thing Lisa had worked from her house so she had the tools we needed in just such an emergency! We made the best of the power outage and made homemade soup and watch day-time tv while working on the weddings. We had a great time and it definitely was team bonding through trial! Lisa even made the evening news! Check out the video of her and other businesses forced to close due to the weather.

Just so everyone knows we are back up and running in the store! So come visit us soon.

Lost Sheep Ministry

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