August 31, 2011

Destination Florida - Operation Wedding

If you keep up with us on Facebook then you know that three of the Lisa Foster Floral Design Team headed to Amelia Island, Florida to work a destination wedding for our former employee and friend Emily Williams. Lisa, Jennifer and Kim packed up early Thursday, August 25 to drive nine hours.
If anyone hasn't stopped at the Florida Welcome Station to get the free OJ and/or Grapefruit juice, word to the wise try the grapefruit before the orange juice. It was Lisa's first time ever visiting the Welcome Center and she loved it!
Once we arrived at the condo we had the welcome wagon waiting for us. The Georgia State Floral Distributors' Daryl met us and had everything ready for us to dive right into. The colors of the flowers were absolutely phenomenal! They really went to great lengths to ensure we were happy with the flowers and that we had enough.  Right away we started cutting, pulling, cleaning and separating the flowers.  Literally we hit the ground running! After getting the rehearsal dinner flowers finished (at 2:00am) we hit the hay so we could start again in the morning.
Friday, we worked all day getting everything done. Lisa tackled the bouquets for Emily and the bridesmaids. Jennifer had the reception centerpieces under control and Kim handled the boutonnieres and corsages.  After delivering the rehearsal dinner flowers we had a chance to drive and see the island a little bit on our way back to finish the flowers. We had to finish all of the flowers before we went to bed Friday night since we had to deliver everything by 8:00am Saturday morning.
Saturday morning, we delivered the girls bouquets and other people flowers then ran to make sure the reception at Walker's Landing had the finishing touches.
The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the three Lisa Foster Floral Girls were teary eyed. It was perfect, Emily made a stunning bride and Andrew was a very handsome groom! You could just tell how happy the two of them are and will be.  Below are a few photos of our weekend excursion. We can't wait to see the professional photos from Andrea Taylor Studio.    

August 18, 2011

Gift Idea - Spa Wrap

While at Market in Atlanta last month we ordered some very cute and practical spa wraps. They are made from the same waffle material as our spa robes and come in a wide variety of colors! All the shop girls fell in love with them and a few weeks ago we received our order! The great thing is that they would make a great gift for multiple occasions, or for yourself.  If you have started your Christmas shopping which there is only 128 days left these are awesome stocking stuffers for college students and teens! We also have other accessories to go with the robes and wraps.

August 16, 2011

Julie Roberts Photography - Brittany Bailey Wedding

We just can't say enough about Julie Roberts Solon! Not only did she make a beautiful bride but she is one of our favorite photographers! Recently, we had the privilege of working together on Brittany Bailey's wedding on July 9, 2011, at Hunter Valley Farm. Enjoy the photos!

August 15, 2011

New Product - Karen Adams Designs Calendars

For years Lisa has displayed her personal Karen Adams' Calendar on the counter of Lisa Foster Floral Design. For an equal amount of time we have had customer, after customer ask where they can find them. Well, GREAT news! Lisa Foster Floral Design now has Karen Adams Designs' Calendars! We have the calendars with the stands and the refills if you already are an avid Karen Adams calendar fan. Words cannot even begin to tell how excited we are to have these precious little gifts.  What an excellent gift for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion that requires a gift! Check them out on our website and the next time you are by the shop flip through each months design!

August 10, 2011

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding ... What About The Honeymoon?

Lets face it brides, you are tired, worn out ready to just go to the Justice of The Peace and say lets get it over and done with! Well, if you are looking for something to put your Groom in charge of let him take care of planning the honeymoon. Turn the planning over to him, not only does it help make things more romantic because you'll be surprised but it helps your guy feel like he is contributing to the wedding to-do list.  If your groom is looking for some trip ideas tell him that Lisa Foster is a Sandals Certified Specialist. If you book your vacation through Lisa she will give you the bridal bouquet for FREE! Check out our website for more information.

August 2, 2011

Pennant Banner - How To...

We have recently given our window a face lift! This is a simple craft that would be great for a birthday banner or summer cookout. You can use extra fabric, old clothing or scrapbook paper.

Fabric or Paper of choice
Hot Glue Gun
Twine or rope of some kind

STEP ONE: Print and cut out your patterns
 STEP TWO: Lay your twine in the proper spot.

 STEP THREE: Either hot glue or pin to sew the top of your pennant.

Space the pennants as far apart as you wish!
The finished product is cute, simple and everyone will want to know how you made such an eye catching craft! Feel free to print our pattern and try this for yourself! Let us know if you try it and how you like the finished product. 

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