August 15, 2011

New Product - Karen Adams Designs Calendars

For years Lisa has displayed her personal Karen Adams' Calendar on the counter of Lisa Foster Floral Design. For an equal amount of time we have had customer, after customer ask where they can find them. Well, GREAT news! Lisa Foster Floral Design now has Karen Adams Designs' Calendars! We have the calendars with the stands and the refills if you already are an avid Karen Adams calendar fan. Words cannot even begin to tell how excited we are to have these precious little gifts.  What an excellent gift for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion that requires a gift! Check them out on our website and the next time you are by the shop flip through each months design!

A Pop of Purple

We see almost every color palette in the wedding world come and go. We also see some that will always stay... like the blushes, pinks and ...