September 30, 2011

Photo Shoot - Club LeConte, The White Table, Expressive Moments and Lisa Foster Floral Design

We had the privilege of working with some wonderful ladies this Monday, September 26 for a photo shoot at Club LeConte for their new website adventure. The concept of the website will be to see different looks you can achieve at the club with different linens, flowers, place settings...etc. 
We feel the project went exceedingly well and feel it will benefit everyone envolved. Mostly, it will help brides and others wishing to use the club for any special event.  To give credit where credit is due we have to say a BIG THANKS to The White Table and their hard working Dorinda MullinsExpressive Moments with Kristy Hamilton and Amy Daniels who are wonderful ladies and excellent photographers! The head-honcho and organizer of the event and project is Erin Shellman of Club LeConte! Here are a few of the photos from the event and keep an eye open for the new website and photos!

September 13, 2011

VOTE! CityView Magazine 2011 Best of the Best

Hey Everyone! It's that time again, time for Knoxville to vote for the CityView Magazine Best of the Best 2011 for Knoxville! Vote for Lisa Foster Floral Design for your favorite florist! We are so excited to see the results no matter who wins!

Kissing Ball Trend

Something that we have seen lately is an increasing numbers of brides choosing to have their flower girls carry a kissing ball instead of throwing petals. Wether its the regulations of the churches or they feel their flower girls are too young to understand the duty of sprinkling the aisle with petals the kissing ball is a great alternative. 
What is a kissing ball? It’s a small foam ball covered with flowers and hung by ribbon. Brides have many options in choosing various flowers for their kissing balls. Many choose carnations because when bunched together carnations transform into a beautiful fluffy and elegant looking decoration. Most people are blown away by how different they look bunched together. Others choose to do a kissing ball in roses, mums or even daisies.  Kissing balls are also used to decorate wedding aisles, tables at receptions and walk ways.  

September 6, 2011

Turning A New "Leaf" - Fall Is In The Air

It's hard to imagine that these 90+ days of heat will ever end, but like all good things summer will shortly make way for fall. Goodbye pool parties, bbq's and backyard fun. Hello pumpkin pie, beautiful leaves and fall festivals! Most of us at Lisa Foster Floral Design are excited for fall festivities! We have once again revamped our front window in honor of our love for fall! 

Lost Sheep Ministry

  When we went to the Lost Sheep Ministry’s Under the Bridge on Valentine’s Day we had no idea the effect it would have on every...