September 13, 2011

Kissing Ball Trend

Something that we have seen lately is an increasing numbers of brides choosing to have their flower girls carry a kissing ball instead of throwing petals. Wether its the regulations of the churches or they feel their flower girls are too young to understand the duty of sprinkling the aisle with petals the kissing ball is a great alternative. 
What is a kissing ball? It’s a small foam ball covered with flowers and hung by ribbon. Brides have many options in choosing various flowers for their kissing balls. Many choose carnations because when bunched together carnations transform into a beautiful fluffy and elegant looking decoration. Most people are blown away by how different they look bunched together. Others choose to do a kissing ball in roses, mums or even daisies.  Kissing balls are also used to decorate wedding aisles, tables at receptions and walk ways.  

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