April 6, 2012

Weekend Flower Planting

T . G . I . Flowers, as the weekdays have dwindled into the beloved weekend here are a few ideas of how you can cure your cabin fever and give your tired lawn a facelift!
With the warm weather we've had lately it's a good time to get your hands dirty. Stop by your local nursery and pick up some plants, mulch and a cute pair of gardening gloves (who says getting dirty can't be cute!)
Here are some good ideas of what to pick up and plant this weekend.
First, why not plant some rose bushes! Roses will be in bloom soon and who wouldn't love to stop and smell them? Cut them from the yard and use them in your home! We recommend buying plants from a trusted and local nursery or online greenhouse where they take care of their plants. Something to look for in any plant is the roots and leaves. 
Ask yourself these important questions; are the leaves healthy looking and are the roots established well? If the leaves show signs of spots, yellowing, or brown crunchy areas move on to a healthier looking one. Sounds pretty simple right?! 
Word to the wise... avoid buying plants from the grocery store! Not that they don't care about the flowers but plants aren't their specialty and main priority.  
Plants that are good to plant this time of year would be fruit trees or other flowering trees (dogwoods!). You could be just a few months away from having your own apples! Mmmm apple pie from your backyard orchard! 
Want to plant some Tennessee native plants? Luckily the TVA has a portion of their website that you can browse either the scientific or the common names of local plant life. This might help with knowing what to look for and what would do well in your yard.  A few examples that we love are; bleeding hearts, hydrangeas, viburnum and various kinds of ferns. There are a ton of flowers, green plants and trees listed on the TVA website. Another positive for buying at a local nursery is they will educate you on what would do well and how much water and sun are required for each plant.  
Sounds like a fun Saturday morning to me! Whatever you decide to do this weekend we hope you have a fun and safe one. Enjoy the fresh air and hopefully sunshine. 
Lisa and Abbi Foster planting flowers
 Bleeding Heart
 Cinnamon Fern

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