May 1, 2012

To Mom, With Love

To help our friends and clients get a their Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13) gifts taken care of ahead of time we thought we'd post about what Lisa Foster Floral Design can do to help you tell your Mom, I love you. There are many ways to tell her she is appreciated, loved and just how much she means to you.
Flowers are always a great way to show love. Moms love getting flowers and if you have them delivered a few days ahead of time she can even brag to neighbors or co-workers about how sweet her children are to send such a nice bouquet of flowers.  With flowers there are a few different options of what to choose. Fresh-cut flowers are typical to send but we will have more options if you want something that will last longer. Get your mom an orchid or potted hydrangea plant. Contrary to popular belief, orchids don't require that much attention. One good watering over the kitchen sink once per week is al they need to survive. Hydrangea plants require more water, typically once a day is good and once they bloom completely out you can cut them down and plant them in a shady place in your yard. The hydrangea should come back next spring, and the next... and so on. Other flower options include; a potted mix of various flowering plants, peace lilies and other green potted plants.

Spa Gifts can be added to any order and come with FREE gift wrapping! We have many different candles, diffusers, robes, and other awesome gifts! If you need help finding a scent or suggestion for a color our LFFD girls are here to help! We are familiar with our products and can tell you what candle will smell the best.
No matter what you decide to do for your Mom this Mother's Day, the MOST important thing to do is to hug her and tell her what she means to you and how much you love her.

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