September 11, 2012

Baby's Breath ... Really?

Recently, we have had an influx of brides wanting to use baby's breath for their weddings.

                       Let us state for the record, that there is nothing wrong with baby's breath.

     Is this phenomenon due to Pinterest... for the DIY bride as an easy fluffy flower to put together. It is possible. Most brides these days are looking for soft, romantic, VINTAGE. Words we hear on a daily basis are twine, mason jar, burlap and rustic. Why are we drawn to that particular look? What is it that makes it feel so beautiful? I think we can blame the increase of lace usage on Kate Middleton... which Royals have been trend setters for centruies. Although, I doubt any part of Kate and William's big day had anything to do with a barn, mason jars or twine! 
     Baby's breath in the past has always been used as a filler flower. Not that we LFFD girls use it as filler flowers because it is not what we consider a premium flower.  Many flower shops use it which is fine but we usually don't. A fact that many don't know about baby's breath is that it is STINKY! Yes, it smells awful. It's a toss-up between cat "wee wee" and sweaty feet. Most of the time we have to spray it with fabric softener or fabric refresher spray just so we don't gag!  
When it is bunched together by itself or with other wispy flowers it dose look like lace. It's soft and airy and gives you a bang for your buck. It is long lasting and can be used outside and holds up nicely.  
     The economy has reformulated the wedding industry as to how we put value on the important items. Most brides put value on the photography (which is the only thing that lasts after the wedding), venue, the dress and most of the time the flowers.  Flowers, are important but you can easily get away with getting budget friendly flowers that fit within your price point! If you are a DIY person then you can come up with simple and inexpensive ideas to make your wedding special and unique. Check out some photos of baby's breath ideas! Give us your feedback, have you seen baby's breath used in an interesting way? Let us know!

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