September 24, 2012

Fall Goodness

FINALLY, the weather has turned just a little crisp and the air smells like autumn! Not to mention, that Saturday was the official first day of fall! In many people's minds fall is the best season of the year. Maybe the feeling of cooler air on our faces, the abundance of all things made with pumpkin and the multitude of fall festivals puts everyone in a festive mood.
We have lovely fall wreaths, plants and flowers! Which if you are looking for something different to send to someone as a birthday or other special occasion any of these would make an awesome gift. We also have Tyler Candles an Aromatique potpourri that would fill a home or office space with delicious fragrance!
One of our beautiful fall wreaths for 2012
Potted mums and mixed dish gardens

This Tyler Candle will make you want to bake some cookies!
Pumpkin Spice!

We have votives, 7oz, 14oz and 22oz in both flavors!
Aromatique potpourri in Cinnamon Cider and Currant
Pumpkin Wreath from 2011
If you are out about town enjoying this gorgeous weather please come over and visit us for a few minutes! Smells are always free and there are tons of goodies to sniff at Lisa Foster Floral Design.

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