June 17, 2013

Color Combo - Navy, Green and White

Favorite Color Combos: Navy Blue, Green & White

Always Refreshing and Bright

One of the best color combinations (in our opinion) is the color combo of Kelly Green, White and Navy Blue. These colors play so well with each other that it could never go out of style. What a refreshing burst of color the green and white are against the dark navy blue! All of these colors could act as neutrals being that you could easily pair other colors with any or all of them and have a success!
Navy, Pink and White

Recently on the Pinterest scene there have been a lot of pins with navy, green and white... not just with wedding flowers but also with baby's rooms, clothing... you name it! It is a HOT color combo! We absolutely love it! It's just fresh and happy but still remains neutral all at the same time ... like Switzerland in the spring time! Check out some of our favorite pictures of these color combos!

No matter if you pair these colors with pinks, oranges, yellows or any other color they always look elegant and wonderful! 

A Pop of Purple

We see almost every color palette in the wedding world come and go. We also see some that will always stay... like the blushes, pinks and ...