June 24, 2013

Wedding Rentals

Taking Rental Items To The Next Level

Jazzing Up Rentals - Examples And Ideas

Why settle for plain Jane rental items when there are a million ways to take them over the top. Rentals are a great way to add WOW without spending a ton of extra money. For those who want to bump it up a notch adding flowers to candelabras or even spot lighting our crystal trees can take any rental to the next level! This year we have had the chance to do some amazing weddings with breath taking receptions. Check out some of our photos below! Ogle Entertainment is wonderful at pin spotting our crystal trees which really shows them off! Jim Ogle can change any room with his lighting techniques!  

Many times a floral arrangement that would be the size of a crystal tree or a table top candelabra would be in the $300 range but adding a crystal tree or candelabra to the mix would drop that cost. Still giving a room visual height without spending a ton of money. We always recommend to mix up centerpieces and have some tall and some short. The rule of thumb is either see over an arrangement or through it. Why is this? Well, it's hard to carry on a conversation with flowers in your face.... unless you don't want your guests to talk to each other! 

Clients aren't just limited to what rentals we have in stock. If someone has vases, candelabras or plans to rent something from another vendor and wants to have the LFFD team add flowers to it we can do whatever is needed to get the job done and make the event as beautiful as possible. 

Wrought Iron Candelabra With Flowers 
Crystal Trees with added orchids and pin spot lights provided by Ogle Entertainment at The Standard 

This candelabra was provided by the family and Lisa Foster Floral Design added the floral arrangement.
Crystal Trees at the Convention Center in Knoxville, TN with pin spot lights provided by Ogle Entertainment
Wrought Iron Table Top Candelabra and Floral Arrangements provided by Lisa Foster Floral Design
We can help you turn any event into a magical evening. Our rentals can really be unique with the help of extra flowers, lighting or even just added greenery. For a full list of our rentals or to talk about pricing come by our studio or visit our rentals page for more information.

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