July 24, 2013

Thank You For The Raves!

Lisa Foster Floral Design Earns Gold Badge From Wedding Wire Reviews!

Thank you to all of our brides for choosing to use Lisa Foster Floral Design, Knoxville TN Florist. We would love to say another BIG THANKS to the brides, grooms and mother's of the bride who take the extra time to go on Wedding Wire to review us! We have so much fun doing what we do, knowing that our work makes an impact of the overall wedding experience makes this job less like a job and more like a calling! Thank you!

July 19, 2013

Red Rose Wedding - Knoxville TN Florist - Wedding Video

Midnight Magic Videographer - Don Samples

Promotional Video for Lisa Foster Floral Design - Knoxville TN Florist

We have wonderful friends in all avenues of the wedding industry in Knoxville TN. Don Samples with Midnight Magic Videography was so kind as to make us a promotional video of one of our summer weddings at Dara's Garden. Arminda Sutton, loved red roses and baby's breath and it shows! All of her tables and decorations where dripping in red roses and baby's breath. Check out the video and if you are in need of a videographer give Don Samples and shout!

Arminda hired Knoxville TN photographer JOPHOTO to capture their wedding! 

July 17, 2013

Lets Talk Fall Flowers

Fall Wedding Bouquets - Knoxville TN Florist

Fall Flowers for Weddings 

It's never too early to talk about the next season... (ok, ok don't start getting your Christmas trees decorated)
Time goes so fast, and before you know it, we will be surrounded by pumpkins, scare crows and corn mazes! What a great time to reflect on some of our FAVORITE fall wedding bouquets. Knoxville brides have great taste and usually pick some really outstanding color combinations and flower choices.    Hopefully Fall 2013 will bring more interesting flower photos that we can share with you later! As florists, we get excited to see what sorts of pictures we get after the weddings are over. Big, big thank you's go out to our photography friends who keep us well supplied with fresh photos and keep our blog, Facebook, Twitter and website refreshed with their wonderful work! 

July 8, 2013

Wedding Video - Knoxville TN

Castleton Farm Outdoor Wedding 

Knoxville TN Wedding Video - Lisa Foster Floral Design

A Wedding Video that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye! 

Katy and Casey were married in May 2013. From the first consultation we knew there was something remarkable about this couple. You can tell they are focused on each other and are rooted in their faith in God. Their marriage is going to last, it is plain to see just by meeting with them and seeing their interaction. We are so thrilled to share their wedding video from Milestone Pictures. The wedding photographer was Katherine Birkbeck (who we LOVE)! So friends of Lisa Foster Floral Design, and wedding junkies of Knoxville TN... grab some tissues and watch their beautiful wedding day video. 

July 2, 2013

Wedding Rental Sale - Knoxville TN

Rental Sale For Knoxville Brides

Lisa Foster Floral Design Offering Discounts On Rental Items

Sometimes it is easier (and more affordable) to use rental items for weddings and events rather than floral arrangements. Lisa Foster Floral Design has a multitude of rental items that work well in any setting. Outdoors, indoors it really doesn't matter because rentals can work in any space. For the month of July the LFFD team is offering some major discounts on all rentals in stock! 
Book in July for events throughout the year! Our Crystal Trees have always been popular and typically rent for $100 each. Rental during our promotion is $75.00 and includes the following; delivery, rental, two up lights, material to cover bottom, extra bling and pick up after the event. 
Our other major sale items are all of our wrought iron items are 50% OFF. That means a typical candelabra that rents for $75 would be $37.50! That is an amazing price! For a full list of rentals or to get more details give our studio a call. Also, see our rentals page for pictures.

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