July 8, 2013

Wedding Video - Knoxville TN

Castleton Farm Outdoor Wedding 

Knoxville TN Wedding Video - Lisa Foster Floral Design

A Wedding Video that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye! 

Katy and Casey were married in May 2013. From the first consultation we knew there was something remarkable about this couple. You can tell they are focused on each other and are rooted in their faith in God. Their marriage is going to last, it is plain to see just by meeting with them and seeing their interaction. We are so thrilled to share their wedding video from Milestone Pictures. The wedding photographer was Katherine Birkbeck (who we LOVE)! So friends of Lisa Foster Floral Design, and wedding junkies of Knoxville TN... grab some tissues and watch their beautiful wedding day video. 

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