May 21, 2015

Girls Night Out at Lisa Foster Floral Design

We recently had the privilege of hosting a Girls Night Out flower class with an incredible group of women.  These girls are unbelievably talented, and they know how to have a good time!  We were all sore the next day from laughing so hard.  This was a night none of us here at Lisa Foster Floral Design will forget!

In our opinion, every girls night out should start with a selfie stick shot!  Check out the pictures below to see more on our girls' night out at the studio…

Lisa initiated the girls by tying our fashionable LFFD aprons on each girl.  
And what is a floral designer without a flower in her hair?!

We then set up at our stations and began the dirty work.  Each girl had a block of soaked Oasis that we asked them to step outside of their comfort zone and get a little messy with.  We love getting our hands dirty.  


Then we started preparing our flowers, cleaning the leaves off of the stems.  We had the girls toss the leaves in floor.  We make a mess throughout the day and sweep at the end.  There was so much laughter and freedom in making a mess, letting the leaves fly from our hands and land on the floor.


Then we formed our topiary shapes.

We cut our stems and placed them down in the oasis.

The girls then wrapped their topiaries in twine.  We were totally impressed with all of the talent we had in our studio.  These ladies were naturals.



And what is a girls night without a good meal?  We love being neighbors with Zoe's Kitchen!


We could not possibly put into words how much fun we had and how life-giving this night was for our team!  These beauties are superstars, and we are beyond grateful for all that they taught us in our flower class.  Until next time!

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