July 11, 2016

2016 Wedding Trends

As long time florists in the Knoxville area, we have seen the trends come and go.  2016 has been a year full of the most fabulous trends that we hope will stick around for awhile!!  Whether you are wanting to know trends across the wedding industry or specific floral trends, the images below are sure to give you some inspiration!  Check out our 6 top wedding trends of 2016 below!!

Arbors are BIG this year!  And we could not imagine a more beautiful setting to pledge your forever love for each other under.  Many venues offer different styles, shapes, and designs.  Rental companies also carry a variety of arbors and arches.  Flowers and greenery are the perfect finishing touch on these arbors!  Whether you want an arbor dripping with flowers or just a touch of color, here are some examples of what we love to do!!

Photo Credit: JoPhoto

Photo credit:  JoPhoto

Romantic and lovely!  We are all about the floral crown, sometimes called flower halo.  The floral crown adds a light, delicate touch of flowers, while making the bride (or bridesmaids and flower girls) feel like Beyonce!  We can do simple greenery or a crown full of flowers.  Take a look at our flower queens below!  "I can see your halo halo halo..."

Gold is in!!  The colors that we have seen consistently throughout the year are blush and gold.  These colors are romantic and classy, and we can't get enough!

One of our favorite trends... Couples are straying away from formal traditions and adding special personal touches to their wedding details.  Think welcome chalkboards with greenery or floral garland.  Special bride and groom signs.  A cake made of cheese wheels.  Monogrammed ribbon. School pin boutonnieres. A canoe instead of a gift table (with a guestbook oar).  Superhero undershirts... Keep the personal details coming!!

What is more romantic than a satin ribbon blowing delicately in the wind?!  Not much... Take a look for yourself!

                                                                            Photo Credit: JoPhoto

We are "drooling" over this trend.  Seriously, we are in love.  Flower dogs and puppy ring bearers?  Yes, please!  Is there a better best man than man's best friend?  Fido is hard to beat.  We are sooo impressed with how well these pups behave!
Photo Credit: JoPhoto

                                                                              Photo Credit: JoPhoto

                                                                                Photo Credit: JoPhoto

Photo Credit: JoPhoto

                       Photo Credit: JoPhoto                                                                       

Upcoming trend alert: Grandmothers as flower girls!  Stay tuned!!

As always, thank you to our fabulous, talented photographer friends who so graciously share their beautiful work with us!!

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