April 12, 2017

Flower Crowns

What's with the flower crown fad? And why are we seeing more and more women wearing these decorative crowns? Even Snapchat is on board! Pull up the app and choose the flower crown filter; the filter seems to change for each season and we love it! 

Did you know that flower crowns have actually been around for hundreds of years? Flower crowns are a symbol of love, varying celebrations and fertility throughout history. 

The flower crown goes all the way back to ancient Greece. Women in the ancient times would create extravagant crowns to wear to ceremonies to honor the gods.  The trend continued into ancient Chinese rituals and weddings. Even Queen Victoria wore one in 1840 when she married Prince Albert. More recently, they were popular in the 60's! 

Today we wear flower crowns because they can create a different and unconventional look. We saw this trend a lot with bohemian brides, but these aren't just for the boho brides anymore. Brides can now choose to wear their veil for the ceremony and grab the festive crown for the reception. 

While flower crowns are favored for wedding or ceremonies, they have become increasingly more popular for anyone to wear. When you put a child or a baby in a flower crown, just watch the magic happen! 

We love flower crowns because you can put your own touches on them.  You can create them to be modest and elegant or full and extravagant. You now have the option to put your flower girls in them and as we saw from the above pictures, little girls in flower crowns will just about melt your heart. They are so eye-catching and beautiful, it's no wonder everyone has a fascination with them!

Each flower crown created at the shop is custom and handmade. Each designer places each flower individually to create the perfect crown for you. We take care and pride in creating each and every crown we design.

We would love to know your thoughts on flower crowns! Are they something that will always be in style? Could you see people in the future wearing flower crowns as everyday wear? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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Sarah Myers Photography
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