July 27, 2017

A Pop of Purple

We see almost every color palette in the wedding world come and go. We also see some that will always stay... like the blushes, pinks and creams! And then there are some that are just so pleasing to the eye, we want to keep looking at it!

Don't get us wrong we love the blushes and the pinks, they are absolutely delightful! But, we love seeing different color palettes pop up. We have seen some purples this year that have been exquisite

We couldn't wait to share them with you!

This year our brides picked plum colored dresses or a bewitching lavender shade that has just taken our breath away.

We hardly see Calla Lily's in bouquets, but we love when we get to use them! There are so many different colors of the Calla's. The white with the purple centers were stunning.

We love how this bride captivated us with all the shades of purple. Each bridesmaid had on a different shade and different style dress. 

These purples are some of our favorites! The color in the bouquet makes everything stand out. Those lavender roses are always so classy! The hue makes each bouquet burst with elegance.

What do you think about the purples? Are you falling in love like we are? Or do you go for the pinks and blushes?

What is your favorite color palette for a wedding? 

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