October 21, 2009

Flower of the Month: Spotlight on PEONY

It's that time again - our Flower of the Month is here! This October we've chosen to highlight the Peony, a fragrant, huge-headed flower.

This flower is a favorite of many with its delightful scents and large range of colors and shapes. About 2,600 varieties of peonies are available and the array of colors include pink and red, purple, apricot, salmon, white, ivory/cream, and yellow and bicolors. The forms of a peony are wide-ranging too, but here in the U.S., double-flowered varieties are the most common.

Peonies are best to buy when they're in a "puffy" stage, meaning the buds are about to open. Be careful not to purchase any that have an overly tight bud; they may never open. Also look out for any fungus, called Botrytis (gray mold) as it will rot the entire flower head. Just remove any flowers contaminated and the bloom should continue to stay healthy.

After ensuring you've purchased the healthiest bloom, re-cut the stems, removing at least one inch, and put the flower(s) in water. Peonies like cool air and are heavy drinkers, so make sure to water them often. If you care correctly for this unique flower, it should give you 2 to 7 days of enjoyment, with a bloom opening 6 inches or more.

The peony is one of the most notable seasonal flowers, available from March to August, with its peak season in April, May and June. So why, you might ask, would we feature a flower that is so seasonal (and that's not even in season now)? Well, we think you can never plan too early! We know many brides who already have their day booked for next spring, and we think peonies are a lovely addition to any wedding bouquet. Check out this picture of Amy Wiseman with her lovely bouquet of pink peonies, designed by one of our talented florists here at Lisa Foster Floral Design.

Peonies work beautifully for any occasion, not just weddings. So if you have an anniversary, birthday, or special day rolling around in the spring, consider a peony as part of your gift of flowers.

Quick Facts on our FOTM:

Name: Peony
Beauty: Fragrant, huge-headed, blooms quickly, variety of colors
Colors: Variety - pink, red, purple, apricot, salmon, white, ivory/cream, yellow, bicolors
Care: Cool air, hydrate, water often
Bloom Time: Seasonal, best in April, May, June; 2 -7 days

The designers at Lisa Foster Floral Design can make you a gorgeous arrangement in the spring with peonies, but don't forget us for the fall too! We have some amazing colors in the cooler now - fall is so beautiful... Let us help you give the gift of the season to someone special. Call us for a delivery today!

*peony information courtesy of Florists Review

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