November 6, 2009

Meet the Team - Part 3

It's time to meet another member of our fabulous team. Today's spotlight is on our "coach", Susan Borum. Susan is our expert here at Lisa Foster Floral Design; she's been in the business for years and knows just about everything there is to know about floral design and flowers... thus the name "coach!" She coaches many of us here on arrangements, colors, what will go well together, and all sorts of other floral knowledge that makes our group the best in town!

Susan's expertise stems from her growing up in the floral business; her mother owned a florist shop that she started when Susan was a child and Susan began her work there at a mere 12 years old! Our coach has worked in every aspect of floral design, from retail to wholesale, even co-owning a wholesale silk design business. With that experience she has become not only a designer of fresh flowers and arrangements here in our studio, but she is our exclusive silk designer, making a variety of permanent arrangements that are gorgeous and long-lasting for your home or business.

Not surprisingly, Susan's favorite design she's done has been both of her daughter's weddings. It was, of course, a memorable experience for her to help create the beauty in their special days.

Susan says she feels blessed to be able to have fun and really love her job... We feel the same way with her as part of the design team at Lisa Foster. I can guarantee you'll love her too once you see one of her designs, as the giver or receiver.

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