April 7, 2010

Flower of the Month: Spotlight on DELPHINIUM

With the holiday's, a new year, and some large events we were a part of over the last few months, our studio has been buzzing. We took a few months off from our Flower of the Month posts... But spring has sprung and it's now time to start our flower spotlight again! This month, we're talking about Delphinium, one of the few true blue flowers that nature offers.

There are amazingly about 250 species of Delphinium (pronounced del-FIN-ee-um), but today, we'll focus on the three main hybrid groups grown as cut flowers. Those groups are the ones we primarily receive in our studio that we sell and arrange for you. Delphinium are a beautiful flower, tall and sturdy and available in a range of blues from light to dark. They are one of the rarities in nature - a blue that God created and our florists don't have to mess with a bit to try and make a different hue! One group of hybrid delphinium do come in a variety of colors (white, cream, mauve, lavender and purple) but for the most part, the delphinium we work with and most people favor are the true blue stems.

Delphinium are not only known for their color, but for their multiple blooms and nice height. They add variation and lots of interest to an otherwise ordinary arrangement. Their stem of sometimes as tall as 5 feet can be used in a very large arrangement, or cut down to compliment and still add height to a shorter design. Check out some of the ways our designers have worked with delphinium.

As far as the care for delphinium goes, they will usually be ready for you to enjoy by the time you get them from Lisa Foster Floral Design, or any floral shop, but you can help them last longer by re-cutting the stems daily and washing the container every other day.

Quick Facts on our FOTM:

Name: Delphinium
Beauty: Nature's true blue bloom, unique design options
Colors: Blue, light to dark - other varieties come in white, cream, mauve, lavender, purple
Care: Re-cut daily for maximum water uptake; stake or wire bent stems
Bloom Time: Available year-round, highest supplies May-October; lasts 4 -12 days

We work with delphinium on a regular basis at our studio and make a variety of arrangements that are unique and beautiful. We can add some color to your budding spring, or you can impress a loved one with your knowledge of an interesting, unique flower by sending them a cheerful arrangement with delphinium - just call us!

*delphinium information courtesy of Florists Review

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