April 28, 2010

A Photo Shoot & A Faux Wedding...

What is going on with that title?? That is what you're thinking, I know. Well, I am here to fill you in. Recently, our friend and photographer extraordinaire, Julie Roberts of Julie Roberts Photography had a very interesting idea that she asked us to participate in. Julie offered a workshop to aspiring photographers, showing them the tips and tricks over the years that have made her one of the best. I've taken and edited some of her thoughts from the day; she can explain to you best the concept.

"Of course, I was nervous. This was my first real workshop. Not just a class but a workshop complete with a group photo shoot that involved A LOT of people. It happened two weeks ago now and I can look back with relief and say that I'm really happy with how it went and I definitely want to do more of these things in the future.
I had an awesome group of six students who were engaging, inspired, and ready to learn. Our day began at 8am at my home. There were make-up and hair stylists getting the models ready in one room. And in another room was the actual "class" part of the day. We had lunch and then we were off to the group photo shoot.
The planning of this photo shoot involved a lot of people. Mostly with the help of John Mark Woodard - who is beginning his own event planning business - we were able to come up with a concept for a pretend wedding. The idea was that I wanted the students to have something as close to a real wedding as possible - full of all the gorgeous details you would encounter as well as gorgeous people. Not only did I want it to be realistic but I wanted it to be inspired, creative, and a little non-traditional. I think we did it! Our concept was to do a 20's inspired garden tea party. "20's inspired" because not everything was completely 20's accurate ... but I love the way it all turned out."

See, faux wedding explained! :) Below are some of Julie's shots with our floral designs from this neat class.

Many other of our vendor friends, including The White Table participated in Julie's workshop as well. Hop on over to Julie's blog for all the details.

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