February 22, 2012

2012 Dogwood Arts Festival House & Garden Show Designs for Dining

With all of the bridal shows, open houses and Valentine's Day that we had going on last week you would think that we couldn't fit one more activity into our busy schedule...right? Wrong! We are gluttons for punishment.  The great thing about the Lisa Foster Floral Design team is that one person will come up with an idea and then that idea proceeds to bounce off the walls and from person to person until we have figured out logistics and have a plan. Don't get us wrong, with planning comes trial and error. In the end it always seems our team pulls together for success. This year our ideas for the Dogwood Arts Festival House & Garden Show Designs for Dining came from a little bit of cabin fever and a general love of the color yellow!
Our 2011 tablescape was inspired from an actual Dogwood Artists print that involved lots of moss, river rocks and some birch. This year, they decided to leave it up to the artists to come up with their own creations. So please, close your eyes and image sipping on some Earl Grey tea and nibbling a fresh zesty lemon square, on a spring day. Possibly in a magical forest surrounded by fireflies (our thoughts exactly!). We wanted to do something completely different from last year which helped set us apart. Two colors yellow and white. That was it, simple and clean. We absolutely loved how it turned out and apparently so did everyone else!
We really want to thank everyone on our team for their hard, hard work. Our thanks also extend to our friends who voted for our table, we didn't think we had a chance this year because the competition was so great. Everyone had beautiful tables filled with creativity.
Check out some of the photos and tell us what you think.



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