February 9, 2012

The Challenge for Guys on Valentine's

This post is dedicated to all the guys out there! Many men think that making women happy for Valentine's Day is a challenge but in all reality it's not. Here are a few tips to help you through this holiday dedicated to love.

First and foremost, realize each woman in the world is unique and different. If you love her then you know her better than most... right? Well, here is a thought, do something unique for her! If she loves purple don't get her red roses, get purple. Your sweetheart will notice that you remembered her favorite color and be even more excited about her gift. Or if you can figure out what was in her wedding bouquet maybe get her an arrangement of those flowers (BROWNIE POINTS)!

Second if your girl is health conscience don't go for the heart shaped box of candy. Not only did you throw her diet off, but you have also forgotten she is trying to be good! Women love it when you remember things. Opt instead for maybe a box of chocolate covered strawberries to share. The chocolate level isn't too bad and it's a fruit. We will have some chocolate covered strawberries from Marble Slab! Or forget the chocolate all together and figure out her favorite snack. Some girls love salty more than sweet.

Also, escape the hustle and bustle of dinning out on Valentine's Day. It's a mad house in most restaurants and that doesn't scream romance. How about looking up some yummy recipes online and making her something at home (send the kids to grandma's house!) and open a bottle of wine. Or order take out and pretend it's homemade, just hide the evidence (wink)! She will not only appreciate the night off from cooking dinner but also will be impressed with your new skills with the skillet. Just be careful because she may expect you to start cooking more often!

You still have time to do research. If you need further assistance call us, we are experts in sending love. Good luck men... and Happy Valentine's Day!

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