May 15, 2012

Flower Giving

It seems that every step of a relationship deals with flowers.  In the classic depiction of a man coming to pick up a girl for a date he has a bouquet of flowers as he knocks on the door. Then on the wedding day the bride carries a bouquet down the aisle toward her soon to-be husband. Following that every birthday, anniversary and every Mother's Day are filled with vases, and vases of flowers. Then when we  finally meet our Maker there are flowers at our funeral. Funeral flowers are the last nice thing you can do for someone.  
What is it that makes us love giving and receiving flowers? For that matter, what is it that makes people think of sending flowers first? Is it the convenience factor, or maybe the fact that for a little money flowers show you care? Why do flowers symbolize love and caring? A child picking a dandelion from the yard and giving to their mom even brings out a smile.

According to an article on: The History Behind The Custom of Giving Flowers it started back in ancient times with the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians... etc. Which figures since it seems everything started with those cultures.  This article also suggests that these cultures where the ones that defined the meanings behind certain flowers. Which to be honest, drives we florists a little batty! At Valentine's Day we get asked, "What does a red rose mean," or "what if I put 3 white roses, 3 yellow roses and 3 red roses together... what would that mean?".
Whatever the occasion, we guarantee sending flowers will express your sentiments.
We wonder just how many times guys really think of giving flowers for dates these days. Usually you are doing well if they open the door and pay for the meal! We would love to hear from all of you about your dating flower experiences and if you have ever recieved flowers on a date.  What type of flowers did you get? How did the relationship turn out (inquiring minds want to know!!)?
We have some husbands that like to send the same types of flowers used in the wedding for their anniversary arrangements (which is super sweet!).
Thank goodness that there is the tradition of sending flowers because we would be out of a job! The act of giving flowers is so powerful it can even help those who are sick in a hospital get better, which is the whole idea behind Random Acts of Flowers. If you are unfamiliar with this noteworthy organization just check out their website or Facebook page. We send them flowers all of the time to use to help those receive flowers in times of sickness.
We thank God for putting his individual attention to each flower and making them unique and beautiful. That way the only thing we have to do is coordinate the colors!

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