May 21, 2012

Southern Lady Magazine

A few months ago we had a phone call from a very sweet lady at Southern Lady Magazine. She asked if they could publish a photo from our website. Of course we want you publish one of our photos! Check out the article below, and if you are interested the magazine is available for purchase at local stores! They decided to dedicate an entire page to the our photo of an arrangement in a mason jar! Thanks to JOPHOTO (we love you all!) for allowing us to have the photo and to publish it with the magazine!

           Mason Jars are an iconic-and quite useful mainstay of Southern culture, whether they 
           are holding Granny' s peach preserves or the sweetest iced tea this side of heaven. 
           Lisa Foster of Lisa Foster Floral Design in Knoxville ( has fine-tuned 
           yet another use for this handy holder: flower vase. She lined a jar with a ti leaf and other 
           greenery then filled it with an arrangement featuring pink Bonaparte gerber a daisies and 
           green Kermit poms. A few lemon leaves and sprigs of Queen Anne's Lace finish off this 
           bright and bonny bouquet. 

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