March 29, 2013

Wedding Flowers - Tussie-Mussie

Wedding Flowers - Tussie-Mussie - Mother of the Bride

Various options for Mother of the Bride (and Groom)

When it comes to Mother of the Bride wedding flowers, they really have the most to choose from. Ranging from very inexpensive to moderately priced there are all sorts of things one could do as a nice gesture for the Mothers of the...
Pin-on corsages, wristlets, hand-tied bouquet and single stem flowers... sometimes even clutch purse corsages! Lets talk about tussle-mussies which have been around for centuries! There are a variety of ways to spell tussie-mussie (tussy mussy...etc.). Queen Victoria started the term tussie-mussie when these small floral bouquets became a fashion accessory. Prior to this, these small bouquets were commonly referred to as a nosegay (and still are in some circles!). 
Nosegay - Hand-tied bouquet - No holder
Pin-On Corsage
DIY Tussie Mussie holder with burlap and lace - Vintage - Rustic
Single Stem
Hand-tied nosegay

There are a multitude of flowers that can be used in a tussle-mussie. Typically, we use either spray roses, lilies often times filler flowers work really well.  Once we put the flowers in the holder they are cut off from water so its wise to use flowers that do well in corsages and boutonnieres. We always tie these in with the rest of the wedding flowers used.

Monogramed with couples initials and wedding date.
Tussie-Mussie being used for a second time.
This is an example of the ability to use a Tussie - Mussie more than once. This mother of the bride had another daughter get married in 2011, now in 2013 she gets to add another charm to her keepsake! 

 Tussie - mussies are very classy, victorian and often times something different from the traditional pin-on or wristlet. It's a gift in and of itself and looks great in a curio cabinet or breakfront with other keepsakes. For more information about pricing or flowers that work well in tussle-mussies please give us a call!


Lisa Foster and Team

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