April 4, 2013

Knoxville Weddings - Flower Girls - Ring Bearers

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Options for Flower Girls and Boutonnieres for Ring Bearers.

Examples of Knoxville Tn Weddings and flowers used for flower girls and ring bearers. 

When it comes to weddings, Knoxville TN brides have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to what their flower girls can carry. Some venues do not allow the use of real flower petals and instead of going with silk flowers some brides opt to have their girls carry flowers. Kissing balls, small hand-tied bouquets even flower and greenery garland offer girls something unique. We LOVE getting pictures of the weddings we do, especially pictures of the flower girls and ring bearers. They are just so darn cute!
 Flower girl halos are very popular and transform little sweethearts into little angels!
These flower girls were from our Biltmore Estate wedding,  
they had one of everything halo, hand-tied, kissing ball and petals! 
 Kissing balls can be made of many types of flowers, mainly we use carnations but mums, roses and daisies are all used as well.

We love the hand-tied bouquet look for little girls!
Picturesque wedding setting in front of the Biltmore Estate
Depending on the age of the ring bearer boutonnieres are cute on little boys! 
Ring bearers usually do well with boutonnieres as long as they are old enough. A ring bearer younger than 4 years of age tends to destroy boutonnieres (although every child is different). Then again some groomsmen tend to destroy boutonnieres and they are old enough to know better!
Hair clip flowers 
 Flowers on hair clips or headbands can add a little special touch to flower girls hair. The girls usually love having flowers in their hair. It makes them feel like little princesses.
There are a lot of options when it comes to halo flowers.
Ivory Kissing Ball

 Who can resist a precious little flower girl tossing petals at a wedding. It's just too cute. 

For more information or pricing on flower girl and ring bearer flowers please call our shop! Or check out our website at www.lisafosterdesign.com for more pictures and examples of our work.

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