April 2, 2013

Prom Flowers - Knoxville TN

Prom Time in Knoxville

Its time to start thinking PROM!

Knoxville TN, is a town where prom girls know what they want! We usually set up what we refer to as the "Prom Bar" at our flower shop. This Prom Bar consists of all of our ribbons, wristlets and bling displayed for girls to pick out exactly what they want. The girls bring in their dresses and we help them pick out the perfect flowers, ribbon and bling to match their overall prom look! It is a lot of fun and some of the girls get really creative with their wristlets. The best part is that the flowers are on bracelets and the girls can keep them after the dance!

Prom Bar
 Prom Bar - Ribbon - Wristlets


 Prom 2012 was great for Lisa Foster Floral Design since we had some of our prom girls send us pictures! We usually just get wedding photos, so when we got these prom pictures we were so excited. If you have pictures from prom of our work PLEASE send them our way! (lisa@lisafosterdesign.com

Lisa Foster Floral Design can add just about any kind of bling to wristlets. Its great to mix it up and do wire, jewels or even feathers! We've done just about anything so Knoxville girls don't have to be stuck with the same old prom wristlet (JUST SAY NO TO CARNATIONS). Wrap the boutonniere in wire to match the wristlet. 

White dendrobium orchids make excellent wristlets and boutonnieres! They last a long time and are different from typical roses.  Spray roses are the standard go-to flower for wristlets, they hold up well and come in a lot of different colors.

We look forward to being a part of the 2013 Prom season! If you know someone going to prom please send them our way. To place orders or to get more information please call our studio 865-951-0660 and ask for a designer!

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